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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Reminder

        On Friday, K. and I went to the Mall of America, to buy a present for a co-worker.  It was a great reminder of why we hate the place.

        The Disney story is on the south side of the Mall.  But you basically can't park on the south side.  There's a big sign, saying Mall of America, and a big entrance, but there's hardly any parking there.  So, we tried, then we headed west, to the parking ramp.

        There are two big parking ramps at the Mall of America, on the east and west sides.  You can't, though drive in like a normal ramp and keep going till you find a space.  No, you have to pick a level, drive into it, and then hope there's a space there.  So we messed around on parking level three, then went up to level four, and finally found a parking space.  From there, we walked south to an entrance and we were finally in the mall — on level three.  The parking ramp levels don't correspond to the Mall's levels.  Welcome to confusion.

        So, now that we're there, we find the store on the map, and head over.  That part, at least, didn't go so badly.  After K. bought her presents, we looked for a restaurant.  Ah, there's one on level two, south, that will do.  But where is it?  The maps only show the store locations for the level you're on, and while each store has a number, such as S255 (south side, level 2, store fifty five), the numbering system isn't consistent.  In other words, the store directly under S255 will not be S155, it will be S187 or some such.

        Well, we ate, and as we sat there K. marveled at the fact that the place is so popular.   What can I say, but, my wife and I are weird.

        But I tell you, we don't like the Mall, and we won't be going back there for another year or so.  The rest of you are welcome to it.


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