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Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy St. Stephen's Day to You All

        December 26th is the feast day of my namesake, St. Stephen, first martyr.  I just thought I'd mention that.

        And here's something from "Best of the Web Today" I thought you'd want to read, because it really clears things up:

"Wisconsin Study: Teens Play It Safe but Still Take Risks"--headline, WAOW-TV Web site (Wausau, Wis.), Dec. 21

        As Taranto asks, "What Would Teens Do Without Wisconsin Studies?"  Other notable headlines of the last week or two:

Thanks for the Tip!--XXVIII
"Health Tip: Teen Years Can Be Tough"--headline, HealthDayNews, Dec. 22

Give Me the Bad News First, Doc
"Study: Impotence Can Warn of Heart Disease"--headline, Associated Press, Dec. 22

If They Don't Ail Him, What Does?
"Parole Board Denies Ailing Kevorkian"--headline, Associated Press, Dec. 22

Shades of 'Soylent Green'
"Films Show Terrorists as People"--headline, USA Today, Dec. 21

That's One Talented Calf
"Moose Captured After Son Plays Saxophone"--headline, Associated Press, Dec. 20

Next They'll Count Moose With Saxophones
"India to Count Tigers With Computers"--headline, Reuters, Dec. 21

That Explains Our Headache
"Researchers: Sweet Tooth May Be in Brain"--headline, Associated Press, Dec. 20

Why the British Are Unlucky in Love
"Fewer Teeth May Mean More Heart Woes"--headline, HealthDayNews, Dec. 22

The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers
"Lawyers: Don't Let Doctors Perform Executions"--headline, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dec. 21

        And have a Happy Holiday Season, you all.


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