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Friday, December 02, 2005

A Good Day, if a Little Cold

        After dragging myself out of bed, I did the semi-daily exercise routine, and then a Chi Gong workout.  That left me feeling better than when I'd just finished.  Today, not yet, but I'll be doing it later.  Tomorrow I may miss the workout.  K. and I are going to a day-and-a-half long Chi Gong workshop, and I may not have the energy to exercise tomorrow night.

        After yesterday's workout, I did some errands, then we went to the movies and saw Walk the Line.  Consider this a rave review.  I had no idea Reese Witherspoon could do drama.  And Joaquin Phoenix just nails Johnny Cash.  Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Cash's first wife, Vivian, also does a great job.

        K. doesn't like country music, so she was dubious, but afterwards, she said she was glad I'd persuaded her to see it, and she thought even the music was good.  Witherspoon and Phoenix did their own lyrics, by the way, and they sang very well.

        So go see it.  And have a nice day.


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