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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yesterday was Cold and Sore, Today is Just Sore

        Woke up in the middle of the night, stayed awake.  K. came home, and said it was snowing pretty hard.  "It's a winter wonderland."  I replied that remarks like that were taking her life in her hands.

        Two weeks ago, I said I was going to start an exercise program on the 13th.  That night, I had a tremendous bellyache, and I decided to wait another day or two.  After much procrastination, I did start the exercises yesterday.  Since the exercises in question have a lot of squats and such, and since I still weigh 290, by the time I was finished, I could barely walk.

        After resting a while, I took a shower, dressed, and went outside, "limping on both legs."  I shoveled out the pad behind the garage (fortunately, it was very light and fluff, so I could use my push shovel), then K. and I were off to the barbers'.  I was at least an inch overdue for a trim, but I procrastinate on haircuts too.

        Then, to the pure hell feature of the day — shopping.  K. had decided to buy me a new jacket for Xmas, me having lost 175 lbs. (oh, you should have seen the struggles last year, trying to get the seat belt of her car buckled over the gut and the coat; hilarious, in a pathetic way).  I hadn't stopped to think that I was going into a clothing store with my dear, sweet, wonderful spouse.  One jacket with hood, two pairs of pants, and six new shirts later (I managed to hold the line against new underwear), it was off to the library.  I dropped off Zathura (if I see a movie and like it, I almost invariably read the book), was disgusted to learn that I had no books waiting, and then went for lunch — in my case, some chicken and wild rice soup.  Headed for home, with a stop at Cub along the way (Cub's a discount grocer, cheapest prices in the Twin Cities I know of).  Forgot to buy more yogurt, but got some soup and milk and ice cream (without ice cream, life has no meaning).  Got home, shoveled the pad, behind the garage, the path to the back door, the path around the house, the walkway to the street, the sidewalk, and a good part of the lawn (the mailman cuts across the lawn, so I shovel the path from the house next door to ours to the next house; Lord knows we give him enough to carry that at least his footing should be secure).  We'd had around two and a half inched total fall.

        After my hands thawed (note to self, find gloves, put in new jacket's pockets), I ate desert, a piece of pumpkin creme pie (we'd lunched at Baker's Square®).  Then I finished reading a book that had been hanging fire for a while (Bush vs. the Beltway, which I need as research for my Plamegate history over on Fat Steve's Blatherings).  K., having been up all night, was asleep, so I joined her.

        Another exciting day at chez St. Onge.  I hope I can stand the excitement.

        By the way, another hundred lbs. and I won't be fat anymore.  So I'll need a new name for Fat Steve's Blatherings.  Suggestions, anyone?

        If I can work up the energy to stand, I'll try some chi qong exercise.  Chi gong is mystical crap spiritual/psychic healing from China, and I wouldn't waste a split second on it if it weren't for the fact that it works.  But it does, as I've proven to myself in the past.  Embarrassing, for a hard head like me, but facts are facts.  Later today, we'll go see Walk the Line, and perhaps stop at our local library branch to get a book I have waiting (not the library I went to yesterday, that's closed).  May watch some TV, we're behind on Lost and Gilmore Girls.  Otherwise, not much on the plate.

        Hope you're doing well, all.


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