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Saturday, November 12, 2005

What Happened to Autumn?

        It's cold in Minneapolis.  Our highs are in the thirties to forties, and there's a chance of snow next week.

        I used today to finish most yard work.  I have one stubborn tree that still hasn't shed its leaves, but the rest are pretty bare.  I mowed, then tied the safety handle down and let the mower run dry.  The leaves were shoveled out of the alley into piles, and mostly bagged (it started to rain, and I left a couple bags piled).  Tomorrow, I'll distribute them onto the flower beds, so that they'll be mulch rather than waste in a landfill.

        The exercise of doing all that took a surprising amount of energy out of me, and left me rather sore, but not really bad.  I've lost enough weight now that I don't feel tired just moving around (try carrying a 'pack' of 170 lbs, and see how YOU feel).  Tomorrow, I also start an exercise program I've been planning a while.

        Normally, K. and I would have gone to the movies today, but I was tired enough to not want to.  K. has tomorrow off, so we'll go then, and see Zathura.  Yesterday, we went to see Chicken Little, which I enjoyed, but am not gigantically enthusiastic about.  Still, I did enjoy it, and recommend it for children and those like K. and I, who enjoy good kids' movies.

Hope you're doing well.


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