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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Antsy Feelings

        I'm really twitchy and nervous tonite/this morning, for no reason I can see.  I tried to sleep earlier, and couldn't, so here I am, doing late night blogging.  I also still have the free floating anger I mentioned in yesterday's post.  Why, I still can't imagine.

        A day and a half ago, I mentioned a weather forecast, which said we'd get zero to eight inches of snow.  Well, yesterday about 5:00 PM, it finally started to come down, initially as rain.  For a while it didn't stick, but by 2:00 AM, there was maybe a half-inch of light stuff out there.

        Later: spent the last few hours doing some cleaning, including ripping boxes apart.  I feel much better now.

        Still later, around noon: Going to try to sleep now.  It's about 5°F outside.  Thank God for electric blankets and central heating.


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