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Friday, October 07, 2005

OOPS!, or Update to the Sudoku Challenge

        Well what do you know, one of my readers tried it, and it was easy.  That's because I left a number out of the grid, making many solutions possible.  You should have taken me up on it.

        So, I now have the correct grid up, if any of you want to try the real monster.  Interesting, what the absence of one little "7" can do . . .

        If you go over here, you'll see a photo posted.  The left section is the Sudoku grid as given in the paper (the little underlines are to distinguish the nunbers given from later conclusions).  In the middle, the Sudoku grid I work from, with the givens alone in their squares, and the rest filled with the numbers one through nine.  On the right, a copy of the middle grid, with the ones replaced by spaces where a one is impossible, because of the ones already given rule them out.

        As I said in the original:
        Underneath the picture are the three Sudoku grids you see with number signs as spacers.  If you're fool enough to accept this challenge, highlight and copy the html grids, copy, paste them into a word processor (notepad's fine for Windows users, I don't know what Linux or Mac users have available, or even if any of you are Linux or Mac Users), set the font to equal spacing for all characters, note the time, and proceed to beat your head against the wall on this.  The way I would do it is to go through a grid, using search and replace to put spaces where a 2 through 9 is impossible, then work on that grid.  I advise you to make lots of copies as you go, and save them in a document you're NOT working on, so if (when) you make a mistake, you can go back to one that's believed to be good.

        Afterwards, let me know how much time it took you to finish it, and how many times you had to start over.


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