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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nearly Flooded Out

        Yesterday, there was an errand I had to do in Apple Valley (a suburb south of Minneapolis, on the other side of the Minnesota River), and so I went out in the rain to do it.

        And then it rained harder, and harder, and harder . . .
In my entire life, I've only seen it come down that way once before.  Some years ago, we got an inch per hour for seven hours straight.  This was just as hard.  And that time, I was inside.

        When I finally got to Apple Valley, driving slowly (even with the wipers on high, I only got glimpses of the road), and I'd done what I had to do I pulled into a restaurant and spent about an hour, waiting.  The rain never stopped, but eventually, it let up.

        Back into the car, and north to home.  As I was approaching the freeway interchange, a traffic condition sign said the freeway I intended to take was closed due to flooding.  I took Nicollet Avenue northbound, which runs parallel to I35-W, and between 48th and 47th Streets, I came upon a puddle a half a block long, and four inches or more deep.  One car was already stalled out in it, and others were turning around to avoid it.  Eventually, I got up to the edge, and went through very, very, very slowly, to avoid splashing water up onto something that would short out my electrical system.

        After that, it wasn't bad, or long till home, but it was a nerve-wracking night, and I thought I'd record it.


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