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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Sunday, September 18, 2005

This Blog's Readership Has Lept Up!


        In other words, it's now averaging three readers per day, instead of two.

        While I'm here, I might as well tell you I've discovered a great new way to waste time, called "Sudoku."  This is a game where you have a large square, subdivided into three intermediate sized squares, which are further divided into nine small squares each, making 81 squares total, in a nine by nine square (I have a couple of pictures here.  You could also visit the Sudoku website).

        Anyhow, you get the Sudoku grid with some of the squares already filled in with numbers from one through nine, as the picture referenced above shows.  The aim is to fill the grid in, so that you have one of each number in each row, in each column, and in each intermediate square.  This takes an hour or two for me, when dealing with one of the more difficult puzzles.

        I got started on this when my wife mentioned it to me, and just recently our local excuse for a newspaper, which was already running it in the paper, started putting it online as well, at this URL.  I strongly recommend you stay away from this temporal black hole.

        Oh, it finally stopped raining for a few days, and I got the grass cut.  I was amazed how quickly the new self-propelled power mower got through the stuff.  It's a Briggs & Stratton we bought at Sears, and I'm very satisfied.

        Have a nice week, all.


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