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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Still Puking After All These Months

      I had a lovely time on the North Shore, and it's been pretty good since we got back.  Of course, there were the previously mentioned computer troubles, but those are more or less fixed (still have some software re-installing to do).

      The last few days, the weather has been nasty.  Raining right now, for the third day in a row.  That's probably discouraged attendance at the MN State Fair, but since we didn't plan on going anyway, big deal.  Otherwise, no particular complaints.

      My weight was down to 230 a few days ago, from 245 the last time I weighed myself [CORRECTION: I was down to 330, from 345.  My thanks to my one time girlfriend and still friend A. for catching the error.].  So, even though I still can't handle chicken, and even though I ate too much twice on our vacation, and twice since coming home (and when I do that, I worship at the shrine of the pocelain god), I have no serious complaints about the my vertical banded gastroplasty.  Every time I stand up, and lift 135 pounds less than I used to, my knees thank me.

UPDATE, 9/7: 325 today at the hospital, with my shoes and clothes on.

      On the 'To Do' list: buy emergency generator, stock up two weeks worth of storable food and water for Kaye and I.  I should have done this years ago, especially after we were without power for a week, but after Katrina I definately will do it now.  Of course, first I have to make room in the basement for it . . .

      Unpleasant as that job will be, going up the basement steps is much easier, now that I weigh less, so I WILL do it.

      Hope you're both well, daily visitors.


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