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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Nice Day for Library Visiting

        It's still raining fairly frequently in Minneapolis.  Ever time I get ready to water the plants, it's rains a day or so before, so I haven't had to do it for a month.  *SIGH*, I was so looking forward to cutting the grass again today . . .

        It's K.'s day off, so we went to the library, and ate afterwards at Baker's Square.  Using EXTREME care, I managed to eat a small piece of chicken breast without nausea (if you took the skin off a chicken leg, the piece I ate weigh as much as maybe a third to a half of the leg meat).  I also had a piece of Oreo pie (very crumbly, prevents nausea), and some iced tea.  Back home now, thanking God for creating air conditioning.

        Manipulated K. into doing a Sudoku game this morning.  'Why shouldn't she suffer like I suffer?', that's what I say.  Besides, she's the rat-bastid who introduced me to it.

        If you like fantasy, I strongly recommend Princess of Wands, by John Ringo.  The hardcover will come out late December, early January, $25.00 list, $16.50 from Amazon.

        Not sure you'd like it, or want to spend that much?  Check the free sample chapters here.

        If you'd prefer an electronic version to a dead tree one, it will be probably be $6.00 in January, and since this a BAEN e-book, you can download multiple copies, in multiple formats, to multiple machines, and precisely none of them are encrypted, or expire after X months, or any of the rest of the nonsense most publishers engage in.  Jim Baen has these two crazy ideas, the first being the most people are honest and won't redistribute his books if he treats them fairly; the second crazy idea is that anyone who steals it anyway wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

        Oh, if, after reading the eight free chapters, you decide you Must have it NOW, Princess of Wands is available as an electronic book Advanced Reader Copy for $15.00, gradually declining to $6.00 or so when the hardcover hits the stores. An ARC is a copy of a book that hasn't been proofed or checked for continuity errors, distributed to bookstores, reviewers, etc., in advance of publication.  I'll wait for the dead-tree version, because I'll want to loan it to K. and others, because the cover looks nice, and because I believe that the book will have CD-ROM in it, also non-copy protected, containing other Baen books (Baen has done this before).  Of course you're on your honor never to copy the CD . . . wait, I forgot, you may copy it all you want, just copy the complete contents, and don't sell it.  Give away one to every person on earth if you want (no, I'm not kidding).

        Stay well, faithful few.

        Anyhow, I've read the sample chapters, and I liked them a lot.  Ringo is on my short list of authors who I buy whatever they publish, without questions, but even if I'd never heard of him before, I'd buy this.


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