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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait a Minute"

      Over the weekend, it was rain, rain, rain.  Then, yesterday, Labor Day, it was hot, sunny, and humid.  Kaye and I went looking at cars (we liked the Saturn Ion Quad a lot; the Toyota Matrix was OK, but had a bit less leg room; the Toyota Prius was on a waiting list of six months, so we couldn't even look and sit in one).  After the car shopping, to Applebee's for a veggie pizza (K.), onion soup (moi, and iced tea.  Afterwards, we watched Monk on the Tivo.

      That was yesterday.  This morning about 2:00 AM, another thunderstorm.  Now it's sunny again.

      Meanwhile, I sit here inside, blogging.  If the grass ever dries out, I'll cut it, with our nifty new power mower.  And as soon as I catch up on my blathering and TV, and I have a new science fiction novel by David Weber to finish (Old Soldiers, Baen Books, available on dead trees or electronically with no damn-fool copy protection and unlimited downloads; Jim Baen trusts you not to rip him and his authors off).

      So, busy me.  Hope things are going well for the two of you who stop by daily, and the half-dozen I mail this too.


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