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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  The Modem Problem is Fixed!

      The laptop is back!  After sending it to HP, for hardware repair, all I have to do is re-install all the software it used to have.

      Of course, there was one glitch.  When I got "Stan" back, he couldn't find the wireless modem.  I tried to hook him to the modem by ethernet cable (the desktop, "Ollie," normally uses that).  But Stan couldn't find the modem.  So my newly repaired laptop was good for little except playing freecell.

      Tonite, I went to Circuit City, where Stan was purchased, and asked for help.  After some fumbling (the technician who looked at it first thought it was a hardware problem, but a senior tech intervened), he clicked "Start," brought up "My Computer," right clicked, clicked "properties," clicked the "hardware" tab, clicked the "device manager button," clicked the "network adaptors" plus sign, right clicked the wireless modem icon, clicked "update driver", and put the recovery disk I'd brought with me into the machine.  A few minutes later, and Bob's your uncle. (Well, when I got home, I had to type in the WEP password, but that was trivial).

      So, hurrah, hurrah, I now have a computer that works at a decent processor rate again.  Life is perfect, till tomorrow.  I will check whether I can connect Stan to the modem via the cable I bought Real Soon Now.

      Hope your computers are working well.


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