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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Terrible Pain of Existence

      The last week has been Hell on earth.

      On Wednesday the 15th, K. and I saw Batman Begins, and I didn't like it as much as everyone else in the universe seems to.  Instead, I found it silly in a few places (the car chase, the rationale behind the League of Shadows, and the doomsday microwave that doesn't cook meat).

      On Thursday, my friend Lee Reynolds and I drove about 20 miles south of the Twin Cities and bought some more plants for the house, which she got wholesale because of her employment with a gardener.  Later, I couldn't find my check book to pay her with.

      On Friday, I mowed the lawn, or half of it, and I started to develop a blister.  Also, I was hot, and tired, because the grass was so thick, and the push mower isn't in good shape.  I decided to put the rest off till Saturday.

      On Saturday, I finished mowing, and still blistered, hot, and tired.

      I can't remember what went wrong Sunday, but it must have been similarly terrible.

      And yesterday, I watered the plants, and then, it rained.  In fact, we had a thunderstorm for several hours.  I got wet retrieving the mail!  Also, the power was out, forcing me to reset several clocks, and re-record the answering machine message.  For that matter, my local library branch closed because of the power outage!  I wasn't able to obtain a book that's on reserve.

      Meanwhile, I see by the news that the Iranians are complaining, just because they live in a dictatorship where they can get killed for stepping out of line, and their elections are frauds.  Wimps.

      Seriously, we frequently forget how wonderful our lives our, in the 21st Century USA.  Take time to give thanks that we have things so nearly perfect.  Compared to the way most people have lived throughout history, this is Eden.


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