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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

      It's been a good day.  K. and I went to the movies and saw the new Bewitched, which we both enjoyed.  We also had some nachos, and, despite a few bad moments on my part, I didn't get sick.  For that matter, I had some stew beef earlier, and tolerated that as well.  We came straight home after the movie, rather than our usual restaurant stop.

      In fact, I've only been in the house a few minutes, since I was using the computer before we left, and just had it hibernate.  The weather today is nice, and even nicer, the air conditioning is still working.  I guess it was just a vibration caused by the pipe leaning against the compressor/heat exchanger (thank you, Lord, for sparing us the repair bill).

      Oh by the way, concerning Bewitched, I didn't see her in any of the previews, but the part of "Endora"/the actress playing "Endora" went to Shirley MacLaine.  Funny, and she did well.  In fact, everyone in the cast did well, and I liked the script and direction.  So, recommended by K., higher recommendation by me.

      My one problem at the moment is an overabundance of reading material.  The worst is that Baen Books has figured a new way to remove money from fools like me.  Publishers print "Advanced Reader copies" of new books (they're the same as the regular editions, except for lack of final proofreading, and always being paperback), and send them out to reviewers.  Baen decided to make some of theirs available in electronic format, namely At All Costs, by David Weber, which is the next in the "Honor Harrington" series, and Ghost, the first of a new series by John Ringo.  No distribution costs (aside from processing your credit card bill), and, since we're getting it months early, he's doing us a favor, so he charges slightly more than normal for an e-book.  They're a mere $15.00, instead of the $4-$6 dollars he usually gets away with.  I'd rant about this, but Chapter 43 is REALLY good, so I've got to get back to reading.

      Just call me 'Sucker!'


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