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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Book Review

      I posted this over at Barnes & Noble.  It's a review of Eric Flint's new novel, The Rivers of War.

      In real history, Sam Houston was severely wounded at the Battle of the Horseshoe.  He nearly died, and was out of the remainder of the War of 1812.  Later, Houston became a friend and protege of Andrew Jackson.

      In real history, in U.S. relations with the Indians of the Southeast, almost everyone made the wrong decision at crucial points.  Half the Cherokee Nation died on the Trail of Tears, and that was BETTER than the casualty rate for the Creeks and Chickasaws.

      In Eric Flint's new alternate history, Houston's foot slips a second before the arrow wounds him -- and the world changes.

      Unlike Flint's previous novels, this is "straight" alternate history, with no fantasy or science fiction elements. But like 1632 and the Belisarius series, this book shows Flint's extensive knowledge of history and ability to get into the heads of his characters, and his grasp of the processes and possibilities of a historical situation.

      This book is an excellent read, really well done.  I'm looking forward to the next volume in the series.  Highly recommended.


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