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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wife is Back

      K. was discharged Thursday, and is doing fairly well.  She doesn't have much pain, but has some.  No nausea lately.

      She has had a lot of water retention, so much so that she gained twenty pounds between the operation and coming home.  She then lost ten pounds in one day.  The water also left her short of breath at times.

      Finally, she can't bend over.  This is a real nuisance.

      Mostly, though, she's ok, and able to get around the house without help.  I had visions of not being able to go anywhere, for fear of her not being able to be left alone.

      If anything, she's too good.  Any day now, she'll steal the laptop, and I'll be forced to use the creaking old desktop downstairs.  C'est la vie.

      Today, one of my best friends is having a birthday party, so I'm off to that.


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