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Monday, May 09, 2005

Progress Report, Sunday, K.

      K. did rather better yesterday.   She was up twice while I was at the hospital, and managed to walk faster and further than the day before.  It was also easier for her to get up.  The foley catheter is gone, the oxygen monitor is disconnected, and the foot squeezers are off.  This means we must only disconnect the naso-gastric tube from suction, take off the oxygen canula, and unplug the iv (and rearrange its tubing) before going for a stroll.

      The hemovac to drain her wound is still there, and she's still confined to ice chips as her only oral intake.  The hemovac will probably come out today.  Once her first bowel movement occurs, the naso-gastric tube will come out.  I'm not sure how long they'll keep her on oxygen.

      So, soon I'll be heading over there -- I had to get up early to take out the trash, instead of sleeping past noon as I did the last two days.  And as soon as the grass dries (it rained last night), I need to cut that.  But mostly, things seem to be going well, and I expect my sweetie home in the next few days.


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