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Monday, May 30, 2005

Not Quite a Marathon Man

      I stayed up all night Sunday/Monday, as I have disturbed, irregular sleep patterns.  So, around five AM this morning, K. asks me if I would like to go for a walk with her?  'NO, definitely,' I told her, 'I would NOT like to go for a walk with you.'  Not at that ghastly hour, when all I wanted was to go to sleep.

      But I told her that in the car, as we were on our way to the Wood Lake Mosquito Sanctuary Nature Center, on the legal outskirts of Minneapolis.  She laughed, she hadn't wanted to go walking either, but did so because afterwards, she's glad she has.

      The Nature Center surrounds what used to be a lake, and is now a marsh.  Rather lovely, if you like that sort of thing.  There is one segment that's annoying, though.  There's a floating bridge that the geese use as a toilet.  Watch your step!  But otherwise its fine, and we saw goose families, a few ducks, red wing blackbirds, and a squirrel or two.  I suspect the weather is keeping the wildlife asleep later, as in past years we've seen deer there.

      The Center was nice, but the temperature was COLD.  It's May 30th, fer cryin' out loud, and I could see my breath in the air!  This has its points (no bugs, keeps you moving), but I'd prefer a late spring/early summer that seems like late spring or early summer.  It's also been wet -- since spring, I don't think the Sin Twitties have gone as much as five days straight without at least some rain.  It does save me watering the shrubs, one of which is not blooming nicely.  I can't recall offhand what it is, but we have some lovely purple flowers.

      K. has a pedometer, and she walked around 5000 steps, meaning somewhere between a mile and two miles.  So did I, of course.  This took us around two hours, as we walked till we hit a bench, stop, and then continue after a few minutes of rest and reading.  With our joints and weight, this is very necessary.  And with our reading addictions, it's best not to go to long without the printed word.

      Back home, a snack, and to bed for seven or eight hours.  I've been reading Iris Johansen's Countdown, and I was out walking, so my dreams were about walking and nuclear terrorism.  The snack before bed was a smidgeon too much, but no nausea, just a feeling of being overfull.

      I may go out later and cut the grass, taking advantage of the sunny day this has become.  If it weren't Memorial Day, we'd go to the library, but it's shut.  OK, Hennepin County, I can appreciate the idea of holidays, but shutting down essential public services???

      And now I'm back.  A good day, so far.  Thank you, God.


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