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Saturday, May 07, 2005

K. Update

      I couldn't establish connection at the hospital yesterday or today, and I was too tired and busy to blog yesterday.

      We left for the hospital at 5:15 AM, arrived at 5:30, and went upstairs.  Around 8:00, after drawing blood, taking an EKG, and other things, K. was wheeled to the operating room.

      A little after 9:00, Dr. Buchwald, our surgeon, informed me that she'd done very well, and would go to post-op as soon as the resident closed her up.  Eventually, she was delivered there, about 10:30, and around 2:00 to 2:30 was taken upstairs.

      Unlike me, K. did not tolerate things real well, and was still very out of it.  She had a lot of pain.

      Today, when I went back, she was feeling slightly better.  I helped her get up twice, once just to sit in a chair, once to take a brief walk around the floor.  This was an incredible production, as it involved disconnecting her oxygen saturation monitor, taking off her oxygen canula, removing her foot squeezers, unplugging her iv pump, draping the iv tubing and pain medicine cord over the pump, unhooking the hemovac and foley bag from the bed, disconnecting her naso-gastric tube from suction, and then draping the tubes over the iv pump so she could walk without tripping on it.  Getting her shoes on, and getting her out of bed wasn't easy either.

      As with me, she can't have anything by mouth except a few ice chips, which is incredibly uncomfortable.  Once her bowels work again, that will change, and she'll get clear liquids.

      More tomorrow.

      On a personal note, while at the hospital Friday I took the opportunity to weigh myself on the fat person's scale: I weighed 377, which is 80 (eighty) pounds less than January.  Cool.


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