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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Monday, May 30, 2005

Not Quite a Marathon Man

      I stayed up all night Sunday/Monday, as I have disturbed, irregular sleep patterns.  So, around five AM this morning, K. asks me if I would like to go for a walk with her?  'NO, definitely,' I told her, 'I would NOT like to go for a walk with you.'  Not at that ghastly hour, when all I wanted was to go to sleep.

      But I told her that in the car, as we were on our way to the Wood Lake Mosquito Sanctuary Nature Center, on the legal outskirts of Minneapolis.  She laughed, she hadn't wanted to go walking either, but did so because afterwards, she's glad she has.

      The Nature Center surrounds what used to be a lake, and is now a marsh.  Rather lovely, if you like that sort of thing.  There is one segment that's annoying, though.  There's a floating bridge that the geese use as a toilet.  Watch your step!  But otherwise its fine, and we saw goose families, a few ducks, red wing blackbirds, and a squirrel or two.  I suspect the weather is keeping the wildlife asleep later, as in past years we've seen deer there.

      The Center was nice, but the temperature was COLD.  It's May 30th, fer cryin' out loud, and I could see my breath in the air!  This has its points (no bugs, keeps you moving), but I'd prefer a late spring/early summer that seems like late spring or early summer.  It's also been wet -- since spring, I don't think the Sin Twitties have gone as much as five days straight without at least some rain.  It does save me watering the shrubs, one of which is not blooming nicely.  I can't recall offhand what it is, but we have some lovely purple flowers.

      K. has a pedometer, and she walked around 5000 steps, meaning somewhere between a mile and two miles.  So did I, of course.  This took us around two hours, as we walked till we hit a bench, stop, and then continue after a few minutes of rest and reading.  With our joints and weight, this is very necessary.  And with our reading addictions, it's best not to go to long without the printed word.

      Back home, a snack, and to bed for seven or eight hours.  I've been reading Iris Johansen's Countdown, and I was out walking, so my dreams were about walking and nuclear terrorism.  The snack before bed was a smidgeon too much, but no nausea, just a feeling of being overfull.

      I may go out later and cut the grass, taking advantage of the sunny day this has become.  If it weren't Memorial Day, we'd go to the library, but it's shut.  OK, Hennepin County, I can appreciate the idea of holidays, but shutting down essential public services???

      And now I'm back.  A good day, so far.  Thank you, God.

Movie Review -- Madagascar

      Not great, but adequate.  The preview gives a good idea of most of it, but there are some themes that aren't covered, particularly "What does Alex the Lion do when he doesn't have anyone feeding him steak regularly?"  Jokes aren't great, but they're OK, and the visuals are well done.

      K. and I like a lot of kids movies.  This ain't The Incredibles, but it's not bad.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Great Personal Triumph

      I just ate perhaps three quarters of a cup of pot roast with gravy and some onions, and I don't feel in the least nauseous.

      That may not seem like much to you, but the pot roast was leftovers from last week, when we ate at Baker's Square, and K. had to stop the car on the way home so I could puke.

      Good heavens, I may get the hang of eating solid food yet!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Movie Reviews

      We saw Monster-in-law on Friday, SW III on Sunday.

      Both were OK, worth seeing, but not great.  Two thumbs up, but not very high.

      We both found the writing deficient in both movies, and both thought that the themes of SW III, and indeed the whole series, were such that trying to read a message about current politics into it is ludicrous.

      One secret to a happy marriage: have similar tastes.  Another is never tell you spouse anything of importance, but that's another story.

Medical News from Casa St. Onge

      K.'s been variable.  The relatively minor post-op infection that led to us going to the doctor last Thursday has pretty much cleared up (HealthPartners wouldn't prescribe over the phone, but they did get us in on a fully booked day, and as soon as they'd seen her the doctor prescribed appropriate anti-bacterials which were filled at the clinic).  She's really feeling much better. . .

      I've been pretty good, except for a spot of nausea last night (brought on by eating a McDonald's cheeseburger too rapidly), and some acid reflux (a condition of long standing).

      Tomorrow, we see our surgeon for follow-up appointments.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Lousy Week

      My car busted (upper rear wheel ball joint went), and I have to replace them. The weather stinks. K. is sick (not serious, but uncomfortable).

      I hope you're OK.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Major Embarrassment

      It's my eighteenth wedding aniversary, and I completely forgot about it.  The only reason I'm not in the dog house is that K. forgot too.  So I get an operation pass.

      Now, all we have to do is figure out how we celebrate, when K. can't go anywhere or eat anything.

      Update: She remembered to get an anniversary card!  I didn't.  I'm doomed!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wife is Back

      K. was discharged Thursday, and is doing fairly well.  She doesn't have much pain, but has some.  No nausea lately.

      She has had a lot of water retention, so much so that she gained twenty pounds between the operation and coming home.  She then lost ten pounds in one day.  The water also left her short of breath at times.

      Finally, she can't bend over.  This is a real nuisance.

      Mostly, though, she's ok, and able to get around the house without help.  I had visions of not being able to go anywhere, for fear of her not being able to be left alone.

      If anything, she's too good.  Any day now, she'll steal the laptop, and I'll be forced to use the creaking old desktop downstairs.  C'est la vie.

      Today, one of my best friends is having a birthday party, so I'm off to that.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Progress Report, Monday and Tuesday, K.

      My beloved is doing better, gradually.

      On Monday, the hemovac was out, the foley back in.  For some reason, her bladder wasn't working.  The naso-gastric tube was out, the oxygen monitor was back -- blood saturation was low.

      Tuesday, the foley was out again, and she was running to the bathroom a lot.  Still trouble breathing.

      Today, she told me by phone that she'll be coming home tomorrow.  I, meanwhile, have to go to Goodwill and borrow a tub bench for her to use during recovery.  Otherwise, OK.

      Thank you, Jesus.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Progress Report, Sunday, K.

      K. did rather better yesterday.   She was up twice while I was at the hospital, and managed to walk faster and further than the day before.  It was also easier for her to get up.  The foley catheter is gone, the oxygen monitor is disconnected, and the foot squeezers are off.  This means we must only disconnect the naso-gastric tube from suction, take off the oxygen canula, and unplug the iv (and rearrange its tubing) before going for a stroll.

      The hemovac to drain her wound is still there, and she's still confined to ice chips as her only oral intake.  The hemovac will probably come out today.  Once her first bowel movement occurs, the naso-gastric tube will come out.  I'm not sure how long they'll keep her on oxygen.

      So, soon I'll be heading over there -- I had to get up early to take out the trash, instead of sleeping past noon as I did the last two days.  And as soon as the grass dries (it rained last night), I need to cut that.  But mostly, things seem to be going well, and I expect my sweetie home in the next few days.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

K. Update

      I couldn't establish connection at the hospital yesterday or today, and I was too tired and busy to blog yesterday.

      We left for the hospital at 5:15 AM, arrived at 5:30, and went upstairs.  Around 8:00, after drawing blood, taking an EKG, and other things, K. was wheeled to the operating room.

      A little after 9:00, Dr. Buchwald, our surgeon, informed me that she'd done very well, and would go to post-op as soon as the resident closed her up.  Eventually, she was delivered there, about 10:30, and around 2:00 to 2:30 was taken upstairs.

      Unlike me, K. did not tolerate things real well, and was still very out of it.  She had a lot of pain.

      Today, when I went back, she was feeling slightly better.  I helped her get up twice, once just to sit in a chair, once to take a brief walk around the floor.  This was an incredible production, as it involved disconnecting her oxygen saturation monitor, taking off her oxygen canula, removing her foot squeezers, unplugging her iv pump, draping the iv tubing and pain medicine cord over the pump, unhooking the hemovac and foley bag from the bed, disconnecting her naso-gastric tube from suction, and then draping the tubes over the iv pump so she could walk without tripping on it.  Getting her shoes on, and getting her out of bed wasn't easy either.

      As with me, she can't have anything by mouth except a few ice chips, which is incredibly uncomfortable.  Once her bowels work again, that will change, and she'll get clear liquids.

      More tomorrow.

      On a personal note, while at the hospital Friday I took the opportunity to weigh myself on the fat person's scale: I weighed 377, which is 80 (eighty) pounds less than January.  Cool.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Light Blogging Today

      I expect blogging to be light today, and perhaps for the next week.  Sorry, those who wait eagerly on my deathless prose.

      Today, my beloved wife K. goes into the hospital for the same type of surgery I had in January, vertical banded gastroplasty (check the archives here for more).  I'll spend the day worrying obsessively that she won't be all right, and catching up on my sleep.  I'll blog some, if possible, but I'm not sure I'll either be up to it, or able to get a connection in the hospital.

      Prayers for her health are welcomed.