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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Varied Blather

      I forgot to mention it before, but on Sunday or Monday K. and I saw Sin City.  We liked it a lot.  Be warned, though: this movie is vulgar, violent, nudeand politically incorrect.  With that in mind, highly recommended.

      I usually check out my site meter statistics (OK, I'm vain, I admit it), and on Monday I had 17 visits to Cut Steve's!  So I used the referral feature, and it turned out that almost all of them were from spam sites, or foreign language sites that I couldn't read.  Go figure.

      The taxes are done.  I almost made an egregious mistake in filling them out, but caught it at the last minute.  Thank you, Jesus.  We'll get a small refund from the feds, which will just about cover the extra money we have to pay the state.

      Aside from that, I feel the way I usually do after filing: like I've just eaten something foul, and I need to vomit.

      For those of you who are doing your taxes by hand, let me recommend a get a tax program.  I use TaxAct, which is available over the web.  There's a free version, and ones you pay for.  The suggestions it gave me as I went through more than paid for their charge, and in addition I got to file electronically.  Steve Bob says "Check it out!", both TaxAct and others like TurboTax.

      Best to you all.


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