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Monday, April 11, 2005

Just Stuff

      Been busy the last few days, didn't get any blogging done.  But I did dream about blogging, which is weird.  In the dreams, I was reading blog entries, sometimes my own, sometimes others, and finding something important in them.

      Once I wake up, though, I can't remember a thing.

      I have a new fiction author to recommend.  His name is Simon R. Green, and K. and I have been devouring his "Nightside" series.  The novels are a combination of comedy, hard boiled detective, and dark fantasy, set in the magic part of London where it's always 3:00 AM. The hero is a Chandleresque private eye named John Taylor, who's only half human and can find anything.  K. was reading one, and kept laughing and reading me lines, like the moment where the hero steps through a Timeslip and finds himself in the future: 'Damn!  Those things are supposed to be posted.'  The comedy nicely sets off some truly grim happenings, and there were several nice twists I never saw coming. So far I've read two, Something from the Nightside and Agents of Light and Darkness.  They're both very good.  I'll start the third as soon as I go to the library later today.

      And oh yes, it's that time of year when you feel like you got fucked in the ass with a red hot poker again: tax time.  I have a few details left, but I should have our returns filed later today.


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