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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Book News

      Finished and enjoyed two from John Ringo.

      Against the Tide is part of the "Council Wars" series.  Set several thousand years in the future, it deals with a time when technology is so advanced, people can change species for the fun of it, elves exist (because they've been created), and enthusiasts race dragons.

      And then, a civil war destroys access to that technology . . .

      The second was We Few, which Ringo co-authors with David Weber.  More conventional science fiction, though also involving a civil war.  Prince Roger, spoiled and worthless son of the reigning Royal family, gets stranded on an uncivilized planet thousands of miles from the only way off.  He and his guards had to hike across the planet, only to find when they got there that the assassination attempt had been part of a broader coup -- his mother the Empress is held captive, his siblings and their families are dead, and he is supposedly to blame for all this.  New mission: rescue mother and clear name.

      Both very good series, I recommend them to all science fiction fans.

      Next up, as soon as I finish a non-renewable library book, is Something From the Darkside, by Simon R. Green, a fantasy/hard-boiled detective novel that takes place in a part of London where it's always 3 AM, and magic works.  K.'s reading it, and sharing choice comic lines (a man walks into a bar and asks for country & western; the bartender shoots him).  It looks to be rather good.

      K. just(12:40) characterized it as "Sherlock Holmes meets Cthulhu."  She also shared a line.  A character falls through a time warp: "Damn!  Those things are supposed to be posted!"


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