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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jesse Jackson: an anecdote

      I once met Jesse Jackson, and I was impressed, a reaction I did not expect.  I'll bend ethics a bit (see below), and record it for posterity.

      The year was 1983, I think.  I was living in Los Angeles, and working as a Respiratory Therapy technician.  One day, Rev. Jackson's mother was admitted to a hospital I sometimes worked at.  I was one of her techs (mentioning a former patient is the ethics bending; I won't say anything else about her condition).

      Jesse was in her room when I went in there the first time.  I already knew he was running for President, so I was interested in how he'd treat me.

      And how he treated me was -- he ignored me.  That sincerely impressed me, because I was ready for some phony political stuff, in which he tried to show himself in a favorable light.  You never know when you're going to meet a future supporter, right?

      But he ignored me.  At the same time, he was visibly worried about his mother.  He spent a lot of time at that hospital.

      Today, Jackson is supporting Terri Schiavo's fight for life.  I believe he's sincere in that, too, rather than seeking personal advantage.

      Thank you, Rev., and God bless you and Terri.


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