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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Concerning CPAP

      As anyone knows who was in the neighborhood when I went to sleep, I snored, loudly.  A few years ago, K. became concerned when I stopped snoring.  Instead, I'd turn blue and go without breathing for a long time.

      So I was tested, and it turned out that I had sleep apnea.  To deal with this, I had two options.  The first was to have a hole placed in my throat, permanently.  The second was to sleep with a machine.  I chose the machine.

      Sleep apnea is caused by the soft palate falling down against the back of your throat, cutting off your air supply.  A CPAP machine blows a continuous stream of air into your nose, forcing the palate up.

      The amount of air pressure you need varies, and overweight makes things worse.  I assume the gut diminishes air intake, but a double chin does too -- the fat in the throat strangles you a bit.

      Till recently, I had my machine set as high as it would go.  Also, I changed the air filters daily.  If I didn't, I could feel the loss of flow, and I'd start to snore.

      Now, I've backed off to two thirds pressure, and the air filters don't seem as critical.  I attribute this improvement to my weight loss.

      Ideally, I'd like to get rid of the machine permanently, but for now I'll settle.



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