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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Unlucky With The Timingt

      On Monday, I was bvlogging away at my other blog when the modem in my computrer died.  Now it's Wendesday, one day after surgery, and I'm sittingt in room 7-237 at Fairview University Memorial Hospital, Minneapolis, MN, with tubves in my body and a sensoer wrapped around my left index finger that sometimes causes me to hit two keys atr once when typing with it.  That's why the eccentric spelling.

      I've decided trhat to do the subjectr of my slashed-open intestines justice, they should have a whole seperatre blogt.  And here it is.

      More later, at great length, but I'm tired, I have to go for a walk befrore I sleep, and I need tro check trhe template and settings with a real post.

      But whether the subject is politics or my belly, I still think



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