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Cut Steve's Blatherings

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Flashback: Monday

      On Monday, it will be recalled, I preparing for surgery by cleansing my bowels.  (Sorry, I realize you don't want to hear about bodily fluids, but they are a frequent theme in abdominal surgery).

      So, I drank a gallon of "Go LYTELY," a combination of water, laxative, and the ducky salts that let your blood circulate without killing you.

      In addition, showering with Hibiclenstm.  As you may know, in the times before anitsceptics, people frequently died of the immediate effects of a abdominal puncture.  But when they survived that, they almost always died of perotinitis, the inflamation of the lining of the guts.  Given that my surgery involved deliberately cutting open my abdomen, about an eight inch incision, I was diligent in the showering.  Two washings per shower, from chin down to feet, two showers on Monday and a third on Wednesday morning.

      Aside from that, sleep, don't eat or drink, watch TV with K., worry.  I still don't know why this surgery scared me so.  It's my sixth major one (want to buy a used, TESTED, motorcycle helmet?)

      Eventually to sleep, not having prepared enough for the morrow.



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